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Ad id number:178935
Description:OFFER #1: CETIP SCREEN: 3 LTN's available for immediate engagement. All taxes paid AND LTN's have been Repactuated. Seller is only interested in Buyer that can issue a Contract in 24HRS OF RECEIPT of Seller's Package. Seller Package to be issued to BUYER/BUYER REP ONLY. Buyer must be experience in Cetip Settlement. OFFER # 2: NON-SCREEN LTN OFFER: Seller is MOTIVATED. A Quantity of only 2, Taxes NOT Paid. No Repactuation. Buyer must be able to accept LTN's as is. TTM to be held in London, England. YEAR: 1972, Purple, Series "H" OFFER #3: - LTN - SELLER WILL LOAD ON EUROCLEAR Seller open to Loading LTN's on Euroclear, provided Buyer can PROOF CAPABILITY and make acceptable Offer. Series H, 1972. Packages to be issued on a Principal to Principal Level. I represent each of the Sellers. I am a Direct Selling Source. We do NOT PASS FILES/PACKAGES. Respect Regulatory Industry Standards and don't respond with a "Send Me the Package" nonsense.
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Expires:Jun 16, 2011

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