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Ad id number:154814
Price:Londres USD
Description:GOLD BULLION 8/5 HK ( No Swiss Procedures ) PURE 999.95% OR BETTER AU BARS OF 12.5 KGS. W/INTERNATIONALLY ACCEPTABLE HALLMARK TO BE SOLD ON A CIF ASWP BASIS WITH A GROSS DISCOUNT OF 8% W/5% NET TO BUYER, FEES OF 3% TO BE PAYD BY BUYER 50% SELLER SIDE (CLOSED) 50% BUYER SIDE (OPEN) MINIMUM QUANTITY 12 MT MAXIMUM 6.000MT IN 12 MONTHLY SHIPMENTS AND ONE (1) YEAR CONTRACT OR SPOT. PAYMENT MT-103/23 OR SBLC CASH AGAINST SKR/OWNERSHIP TRANSFER ON A BANK TO BANK BASIS. AU LOCATION: BANK/BONDED WAREHOUSE IN HONG KONG. CIF Price is for the following Continents/Countries: USA / CANADA / EUROPE / INDIA / MIDDLE EAST / NORTH AND SOUTH OF AFRICA / AUSTRALIA Minimum quantity 1 MT and maximum 500MT (SPOT) or (MONTH) with CIF conditions Transfer of Title Minimum quantity is 5,000 MT (SPOT) and Maximum 40,000 MT (SPOT) PROCEDURES 1 .- seller sends PROTOCOL requested. 2 .- Buyer signs and returns requesting contract (or not) 3 .- Contract signed and notarizado with Bank Statement showing FINANCIAL CAPACITY C / available funds available to purchase. 4 .- seller POF via bank check and send SKR and other documents also via bank. 5 .- Buyer finds and opens SKR Instrument Payment via bank. 6 .- Vendor metal delivery or transfer ownership. Best regards Mr.Montez I'm seller mandate for Gold Bullion, Gold Dust, Gold Nuggets, Rough Diamonds & Cement. ( own dot geral at gmail dot com ) E-mail us for sending you our procedures. Looking for real buyer; Sorry, No broker's only direct buyers or buyer's mandates are welcome to contact us.
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Expires:Oct 17, 2009

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